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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So you can get it cheaper?

I am putting this out there because I am fed up.

To all those people who come into our shop complaining about the prices or asking for discount. Yes, I am offended.
I am offended that you expect me to pay my very highly skilled staff (who I would pay double if I could) less, that you would consider getting your item cheaper to be more important than their ability to earn a living wage and feed their families. 
I am offended that you expect (as I have been told by some people) that instead of hiring local labour and helping our economy, I should outsource my manufacture to a country like China or Pakistan with all of the human rights abuses that are commonplace in the factories in those countries to enable you to pay less for your garment.
I am offended that you ask that I use cheaper fabrics which will not only make a poorer quality garment which would not fit or hang correctly but also would be sourced from factories that do not practice environmentally safe manufacture and do not treat their staff well.
I am offended that you expect me to cut my production quality which is MY name and reputation and has taken years for me to build up.
I am offended that you value the time that it takes me to draught a well fitting pattern or do all the fiddly handwork on your dress, and the years of experience inherent in those skills so lowly. 

What you get when you buy a piece of clothing from my shop is not a piece of throwaway trend from a nameless faceless department store. You are getting an item created with time, love and energy by myself and five other amazing people which will last you for decades (if you treat it well) 
I don't expect salutations, but I do expect you to respect what goes into making that item that you are so insistent you "could get cheaper elsewhere" because to be honest, no you could not